Me and

Hi, my name is Maria Jones

is an acronym for:

Made At Home With Love!
At a young age, I learned how to put love into sewing projects, from watching my mother's work ethic. She let me watch from the moment she met with a client all the way through sewing the finished product. 
​​Her ability to take multiple patterns and create custom patterns, for her clients' requests, inspired me to create as well. I had watched my mother do it at home for so long, that I quickly learned the trade of creating and altering patterns, for clothing and other accessories, when I attended High School of Fashion Industries.
What I didn't realize, for many years, is that
I am a gifted seamstress, just like my mother.

​​Love is the foundation MAHWL is built on!
The love I receive from my mother and all of my loved ones,
ensures that all of my products are...

Made At Home With Love!

MAHWL by Maria Jones